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Mobility Issues For Australian Seniors

The onset of age means we may experience some level of reduced mobility. It could be caused by some diseases such as arthritis and other joint problems, or merely because we aren't as fit as we used to be.We are very fortunate in todays world we have many choices  we can look at to make [...]

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Urinary Incontinence

Urinary incontinence is a common condition that affects millions of people in Australia Leaking urine or losing bladder control can affect people of all ages and both genders. Incontinence is not a disease. It is a symptom of an underlying problem.Tranquility products are designed with premium technology to provide a better well-being for not only [...]

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Don't let the fear of skin tears, thinning skin or weak skin restrict you

A slight bump against a low table, a stumble on the staircase, an over-enthusiastic dog can cause the most horrendous leg injury requiring an ambulance call out, a visit to the surgery or hospital and take weeks to heal. Untreated a leg ulcer can rapidly develop.The root cause is 'Thinning Skin', 'Fragile Skin' or 'Weak [...]

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Hip Fractures

Why is hip fracture prevention so important? Read more on the Independent Living Store's blog for further information! Hip fractures usually occur in the femoral neck (the part of the femur, or thighbone, that connects to the ball that fits into the hip socket) or the trochanteric area (the area below the neck of the femur). [...]

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Skil-Care Gel Cushions

In 1980 Skil-Care™ developed and introduced the first Gel Wheelchair Cushions and Gel-Foam Cushions in the Industry. Since then, Skil-Care™ has been an innovative force in cushion design, development, and manufacturing technology. Since water based gel is very effective in weight distribution(maximizing interface contact area), reduction of shearing forces, heat build-up, Skil-Care has chosen to [...]

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Choosing a wheelchair

A wheelchair is a wheeled mobility device in which the user sits. The device is propelled either manually (by turning the wheels by the hand) or via various automated systems. Wheelchairs are used by people for whom walking is difficult or impossible due to illness (physiological or physical), injury, or disability.A wheelchair assists people to [...]

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World Continence Week

World Continence Week will be marked from June 24-30 with the slogan, Talk about incontinence: A problem in anyone's language. The campaign aims to tackle the myth that incontinence is a natural part of ageing or (for women) having children.Someone who now confidently speaks up on behalf of people with incontinence is former Victoria Health [...]

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Seniors Mobility Issues

Don't give up on your mobility & independence just because it is more difficult than it used to be! Read more helpful information here!<iframe style="width:120px;height:240px;" marginwidth="0" marginheight="0" scrolling="no" frameborder="0" src="//Ā®ion=US&placement=B00NCRE4GO&asins=B00NCRE4GO&linkId=f86febb325a630c8fe02596b99eb5de5&show_border=false&link_opens_in_new_window=false&price_color=333333&title_color=0066C0&bg_color=FFFFFF"></iframe>Mobility is a relative condition. If you are elderly and confined to a bed, you are well aware that it's almost a vacation to be able [...]

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